Brain and Mental Health Teams

What is a Brain and Mental Health team?

Brain and Mental Health (BMH) teams are small networks of researchers focused on specific brain and mental health research areas within the NeuroDiscovery Research Framework. Teams are grounded in discovery-based research, operate collaboratively with basic, clinical and population health research members, and take a multidisciplinary approach to brain and mental health research questions. Teams are the vehicles for discoveries, aligned with the team-based funding models of external funding bodies. In addition to setting up researchers for team funding success, the Teams' structure will aid researchers in doing top-quality science, by aligning individuals with shared interests into small, interdisciplinary group.

Why join a BMH team?

Joining a BMH team, led by the HBI, will provide collaborative research opportunities and access to significant support, including: regular meetings with colleagues from across campus working in specialized areas of brain and mental health research; opportunities to join team grant applications; access to internal funding competitions; activities and support directed at trainees in your lab; annual retreats; and additional specialized opportunities, as determined by BMH team leaders.

The Brain and Mental Health Teams are key elements of the HBI research governance structure. Representatives from each team serve on the HBI Strategic Research and Innovation Committee (SRIC).

There are ten BMH teams:

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