Welcome to the HBI Community

We're so glad you're here

We are excited to be rolling out the HBI Community. You must be thinking is this another alumni or student group type of thing? Trust us, this is different, first and foremost it includes present and past trainees and postdocs, both alumni and current students are welcome to be part of this community! ​​​If you’re a current or former trainee or postdoc, we want to hear from YOU! Our aim with this initiative is to create a community that serves YOU. A place where you can interact and engage with each other, build each other up, support and mentor each other, learn, grow and collaborate.

To build a community that benefits our trainees and postdocs, we want your input. We don’t want to assume what benefits you, we want to build the things you need! We've outlined our initial brainstorming below and we would love to hear what you think. That’s why we have this short survey - Help us help you, so that we can create a program with you in mind.  PS. If you fill out the survey, you’ll be entered to win one of four $50 Gift Card.

For more information or questions, please reach out to Jasmeen Saini-Rai, Engagement Coordinator at the HBI at:


Networking Community

Meaningful Relationships. Mentorship. Network Building. We want to cultivate an opportunity for everyone to increase and enhance their networks. This is the opportunity to meet fellow trainees, connect with graduates, learn about possible career paths, collaborate on shared knowledge, and generally get to know each other. Our best resources are each other, and we want to bring everyone together.


Celebrate You

You have gone through a great deal to achieve all that you have done in your graduate and professional journey, and that journey deserves to be celebrated. Our trainees, graduates and post-docs are integral to what makes HBI the institute that we are. This webpage, our social media platforms and newsletter, and potential new tools will allow us to celebrate and showcase your accomplishments.

Events and Opportunities

Events & Opportunities

We want to know the types of events that are important to you. Do you want to be a speaker? An attendee? Do you want to hear from former trainees? What about graduates who have chosen alternative career paths? Or do you prefer social connection events over beverages? With your input, we will create an event series that is fun, creative, and provides meaningful connections!