education at the hbi

Education at the HBI

Education within the HBI is a high priority. We actively promote excellence in brain and mental health training through experiential courses, seminars, workshops and research opportunities at all levels of neuroscience training.

We also have funding and a personalized professional development program in place to support and promote our trainees. For more information, please contact the HBI Education Director Dr. Sarah McFarlane c/o


Education Goals & Strategies

The HBI education program aims to position the Institute as the premiere place to train in the neurosciences and mental health in Canada.

To be a training centre of choice at all post-secondary training levels, the HBI offers world-class research opportunities from bench to bedside, and offers enhanced opportunities through the REALISE Career Development program that equip trainees to become successful leaders in their chosen career. To find out more about our Education goals and strategies, download the HBI Strategic Plan.

Funding and Support

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Trainee Organization

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