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Giving to the Hotchkiss Brain Institute

2022 Highlights

Peter Stys

First M.I.N.D. Prize winner announced

Dr. Peter Stys was awarded the inaugural Hopewell M.I.N.D. Prize, receiving $1-million towards his research in exploring alternative causes of multiple sclerosis. The prize is a catalyst for bold, high-impact research.

man receives flu vaccine

Flu vaccine lowers risk of stroke

HBI members say the flu vaccine lowers the risk of stroke among adults even if they are not at high risk for stroke. Investigators evaluated the health records of over four million Albertans over a nine-year period.

drug bottle on its side

Repurposed antibiotic for depression treatment

HBI members have shown through their research that the antibiotic D-Cycloserine increases the effectiveness of transcranial magnetic stimulation for people with major depressive disorder.

The Hotchkiss Brain Institute brings together a diverse group of experts and trainees in the pursuit of a common goal: The discovery and development of new, improved ways to prevent, detect, and treat neurological and mental health conditions. 

Your donation will help the Hotchkiss Brain Institute expand its research and education efforts, fueling transformational change and inspiring innovations that foster healthy brains for better lives.

Our Research Areas


Concussion & Brain Injury

UCalgary's Integrated Concussion Research Program works with the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute and the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, the Faculty of Kinesiology, and the Department of Psychology to address concussion other mild traumatic brain injuries.

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The Stroke team at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute is a part of the Calgary Stroke Program. Research focuses on the most recent and cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment for patients with stroke.

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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research is a long-standing focus area at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, where basic and clinical researchers support discovery and translation of research into treatment.

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Parkinson's/Movement Disorders

The Hotchkiss Brain Institute coordinates the Calgary Parkinson Research Initiative (CaPRI), a nationwide research network studying the origins of the disease, symptoms, and treatments

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Spinal Cord/Nerve Injury & Pain

The spinal cord/nerve injury and pain (SCNIP) team at HBI is focused on managing chronic pain, accelerating rehabilitation, and finding treatments for the physical and mental affects of injury.

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Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder and affects people of all ages. The epilepsy team at the HBI offers full-spectrum epilepsy research and treatment spanning all ages.

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Dementia & Cognitive Disorders

Alzheimer's disease and dementia are growing concerns. By 2031, greater than one in five Albertans will be age 65 or older. HBI explores new detection and treatment mechanisms in these areas.

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Dr Arnold

Mathison Centre for Mental Health

The Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research & Education is a centre dedicated to advancing research and education on early identification, treatment and prevention of mental illness.

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Neurodevelopmental disorders can affect a child’s emotion, learning ability, and behaviors. The Neurodevelopment Team is focused on understanding fundamental developmental programs and how these processes might be perturbed in various disease states. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I specify which area I wish my donation to support?

If you would like your donation to go to one or more of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute's specific areas of research or education, please include a note with your cheque indicating which of the brain and mental health programs or priorities you would like to support, or contact:

Janelle Wakaruk
Associate VP (Development)
Office: 403.220.6161
Cell: 403.617.8616

I want to donate by cheque. Where do I send it?

Your cheque to support the Hotchkiss Brain Institute MUST BE MADE PAYABLE TO THE "UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY".

Mail your cheque to:

University of Calgary
Gift Processing & Tax Receipting
OVC 131, 2500 University Dr NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

All receipts are issued from the University of Calgary. All gifts are tax deductible.

While cheques must be made PAYABLE TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY, if you would like to ensure your donation is sent to the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, please specify "Hotchkiss Brain Institute" in the memo line of the cheque.

What is the impact of my gift?

As a donor, you are able to direct your donation to a specific project or area that has meaning to you and/or your family. More information on our programs can be found on Our Research page.

I am interested in honorary or memorial giving. What is the process?

To create an honorary or memorial fund, please contact Annual Giving at 403-220-8261 or give@ucalgary.ca 

Can I donate online?

Yes, you can. Please click here.