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Hotchkiss Brain Institute

Health Research Innovation Centre 
Room 1A10 
3330 Hospital Drive NW  
Calgary, Alberta,
T2N 4N1

Phone: 403.220.3558 

FAQ and Contact Assistance

Not sure whom to contact in the HBI? Please see our handy guide at the link below and scroll down for our staff directory.

Staff Directory

Image Dr. David Park, PhD

Dr. David Park, PhD

Phone: 403.220.3994  
Email: david.park1@ucalgary.ca

Admin Assistant: Sara McCullough
Phone: 403.220.3558
Email: hbi@ucalgary.ca

Department of Psychiatry Headship Review

Dr. Richard Frayne, PhD

Deputy Director 
Phone: 403.944.8321
Email: rfrayne@ucalgary.ca

Sara M

Sara McCullough

Executive Assistant and Logistics Coordinator
Phone: 403.220.3558  
Email: hbi@ucalgary.ca 

Image Dr. Cam Teskey, PhD

Dr. Cam Teskey, PhD

HBI Infrastructure Director
Interim Director, Research
Interim Deputy Director, BMH Research Strategy
Phone: 403.220.4962
Email: gteskey@ucalgary.ca

Admin Assistant: Dolma Dejikhangsar
Phone: 403.220.4472
Email: dolma.dejikhangsar@ucalgary.ca


Image Dr. Sarah McFarlane, PhD

Dr. Sarah McFarlane, PhD

Director, Education
Email: smcfarla@ucalgary.ca 

Admin Assistant: Suporna Banik
Phone: 403.210.9728
Email: suporna.banik@ucalgary.ca

Image Dr. Lawrence Korngut, MD

Dr. Lawrence Korngut, MD

Director, Innovation and Commercialization
Phone: 403.956.2464   
Email: lwkorngu@ucalgary.ca   
or lawrence.korngut@albertahealthservices.ca

Admin Assistant: Margaret Dohnal
Phone: 403.956.2465
Email: Margaret.dohnal@ahs.ca

Image Dr. Shalina Ousman

Dr. Shalina Ousman, PhD

Director, International Strategy   
Phone: 403.210.6231   
Email: sousman@ucalgary.ca

Admin Assistant: Bev Clair
Email:  bclair@ucalgary.ca
Phone: 403.210.6560

Dr. Hedwich Kuipers, PhD

Dr. Hedwich Kuipers, PhD

Chair, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Email: hedwich.kuipers@ucalgary.ca

Admin Assistant: Bev Clair
Email:  bclair@ucalgary.ca
Phone: 403.210.6560


Dr. Frank Visser, PhD

HBI Facilities Manager
Phone: 403.220.8467
Email: fvisser@ucalgary.ca

Image Jennifer Dotchin

Jennifer Dotchin

Senior Manager, Innovation, Partnerships and Strategy
Phone: 403.210.7268
Email: jennifer.dotchin1@ucalgary.ca


Craig Day

Senior Manager, Business Operations
Phone:  403.560.7902
Email:  cgday@ucalgary.ca

Shea Coburn

Shea Coburn

Manager, Marketing & Communications
Phone: 403.220.7376
Email: secoburn@ucalgary.ca

Victoria Truong

Victoria Truong

Marketing Coordinator  
Email: victoria.truong1@ucalgary.ca

Image Jasmeen Saini-Rai

Jasmeen Saini-Rai

Engagement & Events Coordinator
Email: jasmeen.sainirai@ucalgary.ca

Elena Nasim

Elena Nasim

Senior Advisor, Programs (REALISE, BRAIN CREATE)  
Phone: 403.220.4034   
Email:  elena.nasim@ucalgary.ca

Christopher Jappert

Christopher Jappert

Operations Coordinator
Phone: 403.220.4061
Email: christopher.jappert@ucalgary.ca

Image Travis Kerr

Travis Kerr

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 403.220.7201
Email: travis.kerr@ucalgary.ca

Sarah Salus

Sarah Salus

Director of Development 
Phone: 403.220.2470
Cell: 403.971.2182
Email: sarah.salus@ucalgary.ca