HBI Strategic Plan

Creating impact through discovery

The HBI is pleased to launch a revitalized 2023 Four Year Strategy, with the continued vision of “healthy brains for better lives” and a renewed mission to 'propel research towards innovative solutions to understand and improve brain function and mental health.'

HBI’s Creating Impact strategy is a roadmap guiding future directions and actions — a statement of aspirations, priorities, intentions, goals and directions that will help us move forward most effectively in our quest to deliver the greatest impact to people, communities, and science locally and worldwide. This strategy is a high-level touch point for decision-making across the Institute, intended to inspire us and sharpen our focus on the vital tasks at hand. It is not an end unto itself, but rather an evergreen plan relevant to and reflecting the environment in which we operate now, while strengthening our ability to be nimble in the face of rapid and as-yet-unknown future challenges and opportunities.

Our five overarching themes are outlined below.

Strengthen a Supportive, Inclusive, Interconnected Institute

By looking through a wider lens and bringing more voices to the table and into the lab, HBI will be better able to attract and retain top talent from around the world, enhance innovation, generate more new ideas, spur creativity, and enrich teaching and learning. 

Build Global Leadership

Demonstrating global leadership will unleash the full potential of HBI’s work, enabling others to benefit from and build on the discoveries made here, as well as enhance HBI’s research endeavors.

Propel Innovation

By propelling innovation and maintaining a strong emphasis on tangible real-world outcomes, HBI will create impact by making a significant contribution to the betterment of lives and our communities.

Intensify Training and Education

Focusing on our trainees’ well-being and building their capacity to integrate into and thrive in the wider community when they complete their training will enable them to make meaningful contributions to advancing understanding of the brain and mental health, and to improving lives.

Accelerate Translational Research

Accelerating translational research will lead to the development and adoption of new and novel treatments and therapies that clinicians can use in practice to improve the lives of patients and clients, ultimately improving the lives of individuals, families and communities.

To review the Creating Impact strategy in its entirety, please view the pdf document here.