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HBI Strategic Plan

The HBI’s 2015 strategic plan launches the next decade for the Institute, with a revitalized vision of “healthy brains for better lives” and a renewed mission, “to inspire discovery and apply knowledge towards innovative solutions for neurological and mental health disorders.”


The primary strategic research goal of the HBI is to achieve internationally recognized key discoveries and transformative clinical research in the neurosciences and mental health. This goal will be reached with the introduction of a “NeuroDiscovery Framework”, which aligns research within three themes of Brain & BehaviourNeural Injury & Repair and Healthy Brain Aging. Each theme is composed of a number of “NeuroTeams” organized in a translational continuum, which includes basic, clinical, population and public health researchers. The teams build on a springboard environment of NeuroTechnologies, Core Facilities and support programs that will allow them to pursue their research goals.


The HBI education program aims to position the HBI as the premiere place to train in the neurosciences and mental health in Canada. It will achieve this goal by becoming a training centre of choice at all post-secondary training levels and offering enhanced opportunities that equip trainees to become successful leaders in their chosen career paths.

Community & Partnerships

The HBI is committed to engaging with the community and partners, as a locally relevant and internationally recognized centre of excellence for brain and mental health. The community engagement goals of this plan will be achieved by becoming a hub for brain and mental health knowledge within Calgary, involving the community in the HBI’s stewardship and building impactful partnerships that advance and enrich brain and mental health research and education at the University of Calgary.

** Hard copies of the HBI 2015 Strategic Plan Brochure are available from the HBI Office - HRIC 1A10
** View photo gallery from the HBI 2015 Strategic Plan Launch event held Februrary 25, 2015