Neurodevelopmental disorders can affect a child’s emotion, learning ability, and behaviors. The Neurodevelopment Team is focused on understanding fundamental developmental programs and how these processes might be perturbed in various disease states. The team shares a unifying theme in understanding brain circuitry across the spectrum, including model organism researchers who study how neurons differentiate and circuits form; synaptic physiologists who examine circuit function in vivo and in vitro; translational researchers who use behavioral approaches to understand how cognitive and language circuits in children develop; and imaging scientists who study factors that influence axonal tract formation and brain volume in children.

In 2018, this NeuroTeam merged with the Owerko Centre for Neurodevelopment and Child Mental Health, whose mandate is to be a multidisciplinary research hub with a broad focus on neurodevelopment, neurodevelopmental disorders, and child mental health. Working with Owerko researchers, NeuroTeam members now collaborate with clinical and policy researchers, among other research interests, to translate their findings more broadly.

Neurodevelopment team leaders: 
Primary Lead – Dr. Deborah Kurrasch
Co-Lead – Dr. Susan Graham

Neurodevelopment team members*:
Drs. Jeff Biernaskie, Signe Bray, Taylor Chomiak, Deborah Dewey, Jeff Dunn, Richard Dyck, Jonathan Epp, Susan Graham, Jiami Guo, Benedikt Hallgrimsson, Peng Huang, Deborah Kurrasch, Catherine Lebel, Ken Lukowiak, Sarah McFarlane, Carly McMorris, Kara Murias, Tim Shutt, Ray Turner, Jun Yan, Guang Yang

Neurodevelopment team contact:

*Names in bold are HBI Members