Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research is a long-standing focus area at the University of Calgary, where basic and clinical researchers support a cyclical process of discovery and translation, contributing to new treatments for patients. The team is led by Drs. V. Wee Yong and Luanne Metz and includes researchers who have published more than 90 peer-reviewed articles in the past year. A landmark success for this group was the discovery that minocycline, a common acne medication, can slow the progress of relapsing-remitting MS, a discovery the team carried from bench to the completion of a Phase III trial. These findings were published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2017. The team holds a Brain and Mental Health Strategic Research Fund grant, focusing on developing innovative animal models.

MS team leaders:
Primary Lead – Dr. V. Wee Yong 
Co-Lead – Dr. Luanne Metz

MS team members*:
Drs. Katayoun Alikhani, Jeff Biernaskie, Lenora Brown, Tyson Brust, Jodie Burton, Kevin Busche, Carlos Camara-Lemarroy, Michael Colicos, Fiona Costello, Jeff Dunn, Richard Frayne, Bradley Goodyear, Colleen Harris, Nicole Haugrud, Scott Jarvis, Marcus Koch, Hedwich KuipersWei-Qiao LiuAaron Mackie, Dan McGowan, Luanne Metz, Rajiv Midha, Shalina Ousman, David Patry, Scott Patten, Gerald Pfeffer, Bruce Pike, Quentin Pittman, Pere Santamaria, Rory Sellmer, Peter Stys, Robin Yates, Michael Yeung, V Wee Yong, Yunyan Zhang

MS team contact:

MS program manager:
Dr. Trisha Lichtenberger 

*Names in bold are HBI Members