Spinal Cord/Nerve Injury & Pain

Spinal cord and nerve injuries are often a consequence of accident or illness and therefore difficult to predict or prevent. The Spinal Cord/Nerve Injury & Pain (SCNIP) team is focused on managing chronic pain, accelerating rehabilitation and translating discoveries into treatments. The team is led by Drs. Tuan Trang and Shalina Ousman. Recent team successes include: being the first in Canada to examine the effectiveness of the early introduction of exoskeletons in rehabilitation; and hosting an annual community engagement event that brings together basic researchers, clinicians, patients, caregivers and other stakeholders to dialogue about the future of nerve injury and pain research.


SCNIP team leaders:
Primary Lead – Dr. Tuan Trang
Co-Lead – Dr. Shalina Ousman

SCNIP team contact: Tuan Trang trangt@ucalgary.ca 

SCNIP trainee contact: Luana Lopes  luana.tenoriolopes@ucalgary.ca