One in four Canadians will have a stroke in their lifetime, with the risk increasing with age. The Stroke team’s research focuses on delivering the most recent and cutting-edge innovation in acute stroke diagnosis and treatment to patients with stroke. From innovations in acute stroke imaging including the use of AI to enhance image interpretation to research into optimizing workflow and processes in delivery of acute care to designing and conducting landmark clinical trials that have changed practice worldwide to understanding how best to prevent strokes and cognitive impairment secondary to strokes to developing cutting edge strategies in rehabilitation of stroke patients, the team works on the broad diversity of needs that patients with acute stroke face. Team members include clinician scientists from the internationally renowned Calgary Stroke Program, imaging and computer scientists, basic scientists, engineers, statisticians, epidemiologists, and management experts.

Stroke team leaders:
Primary Lead – Dr. Bijoy Menon 

Stroke team members*:
Drs. Simer Bal, Phil Barber, Michael Collins, Philippe Couillard, Shelagh Coutts, Andrew Demchuk, Sean Dukelow, Jeff Dunn, Nils Forkert, Grant Gordon, Mayank Goyal, Michael Hill, Gary Klein, Xuewen Lu, Bijoy Menon, Alim Mitha, Kartikeya Murari, Stephen Philiips, Eric Smith, Suresh Subramaniam, Roger Thompson, Tuan Trang, Richard Wilson, John Wong

Stroke Team contact:

*Names in bold are HBI Members