Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Hotchkiss Brain Institute's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee has a mandate for making policy and practice recommendations to HBI leadership on producing an equitable workplace for all faculty, trainees and staff that emphasizes diversity, inclusion, and quality of life.

In addition, the Committee plans to develop an Indigenous inclusion plan that provides training opportunities, community engagement, and targeted recruitment.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Stephanie Borgland (chair)
  • Dr. Janice Braun - also with Cumming School of Medicine's Office of Professionalism, Equity and Diversity (OPED)
  • Dr. Signe Bray
  • Dr. Jonathan Epp
  • Dr. Shalina Ousman
  • Dr. Wee Yong
  • Elena Nasim (staff member)
  • Haley Vecchiarelli (trainee member)

Resources, services and assistance available to the UCalgary community

Relevant Policies: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion