Conference, Symposium and Workshop Grants

Funding under this program is intended to benefit Hotchkiss Brain Institute trainees by supporting costs incurred by conferences or other events, such as expenses for invited speakers. The ambition of these grants is to provide opportunities for trainees to meet other scientists in their area of research, and to present their work.

The meeting topic should be relevant to the research and training goals of the HBI. Conferences, symposia and workshops must be held in Alberta and the organization should involve significant input and participation of HBI members and trainees. 

Use of funds:
Funds are provided primarily to defray the costs of travel and accommodation for invited speakers to support a conference. The maximum amount available for a conference, symposium or workshop is $500.

Application process: :
A letter addressed to the Education Director outlining the name of the conference and sponsoring organization, names of organizing committee members, the meeting location and the tentative program for the conference, including names, positions and talk titles of speakers and the expected numbers of attendees (including trainees) from the HBI. Alternately, a copy of a conference support application to another agency (eg. university conference support program etc.) may be submitted along with a note indicating the relevance of this meeting for HBI support as per the eligibility conditions outlined above.  This program is subject to the availability of funds.