Graduate Student Recruitment Program

A mandate of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute is to increase graduate training in the institute, thus enriching the research environment through the presence of highly talented young scientists; funding under this program is intended to benefit Hotchkiss Brain Institute researchers in recruiting PhD candidates.

Full time members of the HBI are eligible to apply for support to interview prospective graduate students. Researchers applying under this program should have an active, funded research program that will provide a superior training environment for a student.

Up to $700


Use of Funds:
The purpose of this program is to help defray costs associated with recruitment visits of prospective graduate students. The amount available for each supervisor will be a maximum of $700. This can be applied to costs associated with the visit of one or more students in accordance with usual U of C travel regulations.

Travel costs in accordance with U of C travel regulations will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $700.

Faculty applying for support from this program to help cover the costs of a prospective student visit should submit a request to Dr. Sarah McFarlane, Education Director Hotchkiss Brain Institute

Requests must contain the name, location and educational background of the prospective student. Applications will be funded upon a first-come first-serve basis until funds allocated under this program are exhausted in a given year.