HBI Small Equipment Repair, Replacement, or Purchase Initiative

To support the ongoing research success of its members, the HBI has funding available for small equipment repair, replacement or purchase. Full members of the HBI are eligible for up to $10,000 of support. Questions on the program and applications for funding should be directed to Dr. Quentin Pittman, who will chair a program committee on a biannual basis to review funding requests. Priority will be given to individuals who have not recently received funding from this program or from other HBI allocated equipment-related funding. Emergency repairs will be considered on an ad hoc basis. Applications for funding should address:

  • The amount and source of matching funds secured: a minimum of 25% is required but a 50% match is normally expected for favourable review
  • Whether the equipment is/will be in a core facility
  • The other HBI members who will be regularly, or have been using the equipment
  • The importance of the equipment for publications and grant applications

Application deadlines are June 1 and December 1.