Hotchkiss Brain Institute Friday Seminar Series

The HBI provides resources to support a strong and vibrant seminar series. Exposing our trainees and faculty to exceptional scientists on a regular basis provides an enriched academic environment. It also facilitates the creation of new research ideas, collaborations and trainee exchanges. The BSc Neuroscience program also runs a course based on the Friday seminar series to directly link trainee education to high-calibre neuroscience research.

The Friday Seminar Series hosts external (non-University of Calgary) and internal (University of Calgary) speakers. Speakers should be screened to fit the following criteria:

  • Can deliver an excellent seminar at the advanced graduate student level.
  • Seminar content must have a broad appeal to the majority of HBI members.
  • The seminar be 45 minutes in duration, leaving a full 10 to 15 minutes for questions.

HBI members interested in hosting should first contact Dr. Matt Hill (mnhill@ucalgary.cato put forward the name of a potential speaker that meet the criteria above and to confirm the dates available for the speaker. 

Terms of Reference:

  • HBI Education can offer up to $2,300 (this ceiling takes into account international visitors) per approved speaker to give a seminar in our weekly series.
  • The host must be a full member of the HBI or HBITO trainee.
  • Two nights stay for speaker.
  • A speaker dinner should be restricted to the speaker + 2 or 3 faculty members only. Reimbursement for the evening meal will not exceed $95 per person (including tip).
  • University policy on allowable alcohol consumption is $15 per person per day.
  • An honorarium of $250 CDN will be provided for each external speaker. 
  • All expenses must be submitted within eight weeks of the seminar.
  • Hosts must be present and fully available the day of the seminar for the speaker or have alternate arrangements made.
  • Hosts should have own administrative support coordinate prep work with HBI Education administration or be willing to do necessary administrative work on own.
  • All necessary info for advertising purposes must be provided to HBI Education administration a minimum of two weeks before the host date to

Any exceptions to these terms of reference must be requested in writing, with justification, at least six weeks in advance of the seminar to the Education Director ( Unless otherwise approved, expenses over and above what is outlined in these terms of reference will be the responsibility of the host.

Legitimate Costs Include:

  • Transportation: Economy class airline ticket, airport parking and taxi fares
  • Accommodations: Maximum 2 nights reasonable hotel costs (e.g. Hotel Alma one bedroom suite)
  • Meals: reasonable meal costs for speaker, trainee lunches and dinners (see terms of reference for speaker dinner)

This program is subject to the availability of funds.