HBI Neuroscience Graduate Program Education Award

The HBI Neuroscience Graduate Program Education Award is intended to promote educational activities and underline the importance of graduate education to the HBI's mandate of becoming known as a world-class neuroscience research institute. This award will encourage faculty members and postdoctoral fellows committed to this endeavor, while supporting and enhancing the research activities of HBI members. By encouraging faculty and postdoctoral fellows to attend and present research at conferences, the award will also assist in promoting the HBI brand on the national and international stage.

Award: 50% of the costs (to a maximum of $1,000 per awardee) associated with attending and presenting work at a scientific conference. Applications will be assessed on the quantity and quality of educational activities.

Funds Available: $3,000/year.  This program is subject to availability of funds.

Eligibility: Full members of the HBI or postdoctoral fellows supervised by full members of the HBI who make significant *contributions to the educational mandate of the Neuroscience Graduate Program (Graduate Program and HBI Education Directors are not eligible).

*Contributions are as follows:

  • Involvement in internal review of studentships (e.g. internal review of QEII and GAC awards, FGS review of Tri-council and GAC awards)
  • Serving as Neutral Chairs
  • Coordinators of MDSC 619.01 or MDSC 619.02
  • Contributing members of the Neuroscience Graduate Program, HBI Graduate Education or REALISE Committees
  • Coordinators of HBI Journal Clubs

Candidates or nominators will submit the following to hbi.education@ucalgary.ca:

  • A document, not exceeding one typed page, which highlights their commitment and engagement in educational activities that contributes to the activities of the Neuroscience Graduate Program.
  • A budget for the proposed meeting to be attended in the next 12 months for which no other travel award was obtained.
  • Receipts must be submitted within 8 weeks of the conference.
  • Evidence that data will be presented at the conference.
  • Advertise the HBI logo and acknowledgement.

Application Deadline: March 15

Adjudication will be the responsibility of the HBI Education Committee.