Mathison Centre Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mental Health

A goal of the Mathison Centre is to train the next generation of research leaders in brain and mental health. This award will allow the Centre to recruit and support postdoctoral fellows.

Eligibility: Acceptance into a full-time postdoctoral fellowship program under the supervision of a full-time Mathison Centre faculty member of the University of Calgary. Trainees who anticipate starting a postdoctoral training program at the University of Calgary within 9 months, or who have commenced training in the past 18 months, are eligible to apply. 

Value: $30,000/year

Number of awards available: One (1)

Duration: Two years, subject to annual renewal

Where Tenable: University of Calgary

Terms: The purpose of this award is to attract and support postdoctoral fellows (PDFs) who will be highly competitive for external awards on the basis of their academic performance and research program. Thus, PDFs holding this award are expected to apply for external awards or grants for which they are eligible, including those from provincial or national agencies. It is anticipated that the award will be pro-rated by funding obtained from other sources.

  • A postdoctoral fellow is defined as an individual with five years or less of full-time training after PhD or other advanced degree.
  • The Director of the Mathison Centre needs to be informed of extended periods of absence (greater than 3 weeks) of any postdoctoral fellow funded by the Centre.
  • Funding under this program is only available to full Mathison Centre members for one postdoctoral fellow at a time.
  • The Mathison Centre support does not include benefits.
  • Funding cannot be allocated to a postdoctoral fellow remaining in the laboratory where they received their PhD.
  • The host's research program must match the Mathison Centre contribution through a commitment of an additional $25,000/year. Applicants must provide a letter of support from their research supervisor confirming commitment of annual matching component.
  • Funding is allocated annually and may be renewed once for an individual fellow; renewal is contingent upon application for external scholarships, annual review of progress and signed by the supervisor acknowledging satisfactory progress under the terms of the award.
  • Individuals obtaining external support (i.e. tri-council, AI-HS, or equivalent) or any other internal funding must immediately inform the Director of the Mathison Centre to enable re-allocation of funding to other individuals.
  • Funding will be available subject to availability of funds.
  • Applications for Mathison Centre funding must have supervisors who are full members of the the Mathison Centre to be eligible.

Citizenship: Unrestricted

Adjudication: Review criteria will include, but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Quality of the candidate
  • Match of fellow and supervisor research interests
  • Evidence of previous research productivity
  • Appropriate and informative letters of reference
  • Adequacy of funding in host laboratory

Apply: Complete the on-line application form available on the HBI Postdoctoral Funding Opportunities webpage.  

Deadline: March 15

Questions can be directed to