Mathison Centre Graduate Recruitment Scholarship in Mental Health

This award reflects the commitment of the Mathison Centre to graduate education and training the next generation of research leaders in mental health. This award will allow the Mathison Centre to recruit outstanding graduate students to innovative, translational research training programs through the offer of highly competitive scholarships.

Eligibility: Open to PhD students registered full-time in a graduate program in the Faculty of Graduate Studies who are under the supervision of a full member of the Mathison Centre. Application must be made prior to, or within nine months of, commencement of the program. 

Value: $25,000/year; research allowance of up to $2,000.

Number of awards available: One (1)

Duration: Two years, subject to annual renewal

Terms: This scholarship will be matched each year by $12,000 from the recipient’s supervisor. Students must provide a letter from their supervisor confirming their support for the duration of the award to maintain the guaranteed $30,000 (PhD) in total funding per year. Students will also receive a $2,000 research allowance to cover costs associated with special equipment, conferences and/or travel in direct connection with the doctoral research.

Students holding this award are expected to apply for external awards or grants for which they are eligible, including those from provincial or national agencies. While the award guarantees total funding of $37,000, students who win other awards will have their Mathison scholarship and/or supervisor funding adjusted.

Renewal is contingent upon internal review of, and application for external scholarships, annual review of progress (including participation in Mathison Centre/HBI academic activities) and signed by the supervisor acknowledging satisfactory progress under the terms of the award.

Citizenship: Unrestricted

Where Tenable:  University of Calgary

Deadline: March 15

Apply: On-line application form is available on the HBI Graduate Funding Opportunities webpage. 

Questions can be directed to