Hotchkiss Brain Institute External Examiner Travel Program

The attendance of external examiners at PhD defenses enhances the quality of the expertise and provides additional opportunity for an exchange of views and scientific knowledge with a leader in the field. Externals who witness great defenses leave with a positive impression of the graduate programs and the training environment of the institute. The HBI encourages supervisory committees to consider bringing in external examiners for PhD defenses.


Terms of Reference: HBI Education can offer up to a maximum of $1,500 towards reimbursing legitimate costs associated with bringing in an individual to serve as an external examiner for a PhD defense.

  • The PhD student must be defending a PhD thesis on a topic related to Neuroscience and Mental Health.
  • The supervisor must be a full member of the HBI.
  • Only one trainee per supervisor can be awarded this funding per fiscal year.
  • The external examiner must be from outside the province of Alberta (there is a provincial travel program that can be used by Albertans).
  • The external examiner must have been approved by the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Calgary.
  • Requests for funds must be made to the HBI Education Director at least four weeks in advance of the examination to determine if funding is available.

The notice of PhD Thesis Oral Examination must also be forwarded to the HBI Education Director in advance of the examination. All eligible expense claims must be submitted within eight weeks of the examination.

Legitimate Costs Include:

  • Transportation: Economy class airline ticket and cab fare
  • Accommodations: Reasonable hotel costs (e.g. Hotel Alma)
  • Meals, for the examiner only, will be covered to a maximum of $100 (alcohol is not covered under this program)


Requests for funds should be emailed to

This program is subject to availability of funds.