Orange geometric background with white logo for The Mathison Centre in the bottom right.

Visual Identity

On this page, you will find various download options for the Mathison Centre logo, as well as pre-formatted PowerPoint templates, and letterheads. You will also find a list of hex codes for the preferred MC brand colours.

Should you require other specific template formats with MC branding, please email .

Pre-formatted files

PowerPoint Template


Letterhead Template


Research Poster Template


Instagram Post Template


Need a logo file you don't see? Have questions?

Please reach out. 

MC Hex Colour Codes

Hex Colours - Mathison Centre (Primary)

  • Orange Hex: F15C24
  • Dark Grey Hex: 666766
  • Off-White Hex: F3F3EE
  • Black Hex: 000000
  • White Hex: FFFFFF


Hex Colours - Secondary (HBI)

  • Red Hex: E32627
  • Grey Hex 6d6e71
  • Black Hex: 000000
  • White Hex: FFFFFF


Hex Colours - Secondary (UCalgary)

  • Gold Hex: FFCD00
  • Orange Hex: FF671F
  • Teal  Hex: 47A67C
  • Rubine Hex: ED0A72