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Teaching Research and Wellness Building (TRW)
4th floor, 3280 Hospital Dr. NW
Calgary, AB, Canada
T2N 4Z6


Mental Health Resources

For information on mental health services within the Calgary Zone, please contact Access Mental Health:

Access Mental Health phone: 403.943.1500  

For specific psychiatry practices or  specialties, please speak with your family doctor and obtain a referral.

Staff Directory

Dr. Paul Arnold

Dr. Paul Arnold, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Phone: 403.210.6464  
Email: paul.arnold@ucalgary.ca

Admin Assistant: Danica Baron
Phone: 403.210.6464  
Email: danica.baron@ucalgary.ca

Danica Baron

Danica Baron

Administrative Assistant 
Phone: 403.210.6464  
Email: danica.baron@ucalgary.ca

Dr. Matthew Hill

Dr. Matthew Hill, PhD

Deputy Director, Basic Science Research     
Phone: 403 220.8466
Email: mnhill@ucalgary.ca

Tamara Milka Pringsheim

Tamara Milka Pringsheim, MD, FRCPC

Deputy Director, Clinical Research    
Email: tmprings@ucalgary.ca

Admin Assistant: Anne Enders
Phone: 403.210.6850
Email: margaret.enders@ucalgary.ca

Dr. Iliana Ortega

Dr. Iliana Ortega, MD

Lead, Knowledge Translation & Community Outreach 
Email: iliana.ortega@albertahealthservices.ca

Josephine Adda

Josephine Adda

Projects & Partnerships Coordinator   
Phone: 403.210.6440  
Email: josephine.adda@ucalgary.ca

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