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Research at the Mathison Centre

Our Research

Our expertise in mental health research focusing on child, youth and emerging adult populations spans the trajectory of development from perinatal and infancy into adolescence and beyond. Our work emphasizes the understanding that negative outcomes can be prevented with early identification and intervention. This emphasis on healthy development and resiliency as opposed to focusing only on pathological states has the potential for enormous impact on reducing the burden of mental health problems on individuals, families and society as a whole.

The Mathison Centre adheres to the principals of an Open Science framework. What is Open Science?


Cannabis, Cannabinoids & Psychedelics

Learn how the Mathison Centre is exploring new applications of cannabis, cannabinoids and psychedelics in the treatment and mitigation of mental health disorders.


Neurostimulation & Neuromodulation

Amongst other applications, the Mathison Centre explores both high-frequency and low-frequency focused ultrasound as a possible treatment for depression and OCD.


Resilience & Vulnerability in Mental Health

The Mathison Centre develops school-based mental health programs, and works with the community in outreach and teaching around mental health to improve lives.

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