Education at the Mathison Centre

The Mathison Centre advances its education vision by taking a broad approach to include developing trainees through integrated clinical and research training, enabling knowledge translation and providing continuing professional development. Our education mandate extends to community outreach with a goal to educate the public and mental health & allied professionals on areas pertinent to our research.

Funding Opportunities

Mathison Centre is pleased to offer funding to our student and trainees. Please see application criteria for each individual award.

Mathison Centre Graduate Recruitment Scholarship in Mental Health

March 15th. This award reflects the commitment of the Mathison Centre to graduate education and training the next generation of research leaders in mental health. This award will allow the Mathison Centre to recruit outstanding graduate students to innovative, translational research training programs through the offer of highly competitive scholarships.

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Mathison Centre Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mental Health

March 15th.  A goal of the Mathison Centre is to train the next generation of research leaders in brain and mental health. This award will allow the Centre to recruit and support postdoctoral fellows.

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Mathison Trainee Travel Award

Rolling deadlines. These travel grants are offered to help fund trainees (graduate students and postdoctoral fellows) to present research at conferences outside of Alberta.  There are a limited number of awards of $1000 available each year. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis all through the year.

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Mathison Centre Summer Studentships

March 22nd. This award honours the commitment of the donors to the training of future leaders in mental health research by providing studentships to summer students.

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Grand Rounds

HBI Seminar Series