Research Funding

Mathison Centre Research Funding

The Mathison Centre will support its research vision by funding projects that meet the following criteria.

  • Enhance collaboration between members and collaboration with other researchers.
  • All proposals should include at least two members of the centre and have the potential to involve a number of investigators and students.
  • Have the potential to leverage external funding.
  • Enhance the centre's research infrastructure and the capacity of the members to successfully obtain team and operating grants.
  • Align with the mission and vision of the centre

Application for research support will use existing application processes and decisions will be made using existing formal decision making processes within the Mathison Centre, Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI), the Cumming School of Medicine or the University of Calgary. 

Current Funding Programs

Mathison Centre Open Research Grant Competition

The Mathison Centre Open Research Grant Competition is to support innovative ideas that will advance research priorities of the centre.  Projects must demonstrate that they are multi and/or inter-disciplinary by including members from at least two of the centre's 3 pillars of research - Basic Sciences, Clinical Sciences and Epidemiology & Population Health.  

HBI/Mathison Centre Pilot Research Fund Program (PFUN)