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REALISE External Module Registration Award

REALISE External Module Registration Award

The HBI is pleased to support training opportunities for REALISE registrants attending approved workshops and courses external to the REALISE program. In recognition of the tremendous benefits that these programs can provide to our trainees, REALISE will facilitate participation by providing a financial contribution towards the associated tuition costs. Download the application form.

Terms of Reference

HBI REALISE can offer up to a maximum of $500 for an HBI graduate student or postdoctoral fellow who is a full registrant in the REALISE program. These funds will be used exclusively towards paying tuition or registration fees associated with workshops and courses that will benefit the trainee’s career progression.

  • The trainee must be an approved registrant in the REALISE program.
  • Their supervisor must be a full member of the HBI.
  • Funds cannot be used towards PhD students meeting their course requirements.
  • The course must not cover material offered by existing REALISE modules.
  • This support can only be awarded once per applicant.
  • The award must be used within six months of funding being awarded.
  • Applications will not be considered retrospectively.
  • The only eligible expense is tuition or registration fees.
  • Applications will be considered on a first-come first-serve basis until funds for the year are fully distributed.
  • Receipts for all expenses must be submitted within one month of the completion of travel.

At the end of each exchange, a 250-500 word report will be required that summarizes knowledge gained and benefits of the course. These summaries may be published on the REALISE website.

This program is subject to the availability of funds.  

Apply Now:

Formal applications must be submitted to the REALISE Program. Download the application form.
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