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Mathison Trainee Organization (MTO)

The Mathison Trainee Organization (MTO) is an organization of post-doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students supervised by members of the Mathison Centre. The purpose of the MTO is to support its members through social, educational, and community outreach opportunities. Postdocs and students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities offered and to get involved by contacting


MTO Leadership Team & Volunteer Opportunities

The Mathison Trainee Organization (MTO) is always looking for volunteers to support Mathison Centre community outreach events and to take on leadership roles in the executive committee. Leadership opportunities include coordinating outreach and social events, coordinating educational opportunities, organizing journal clubs and other related work in supporting trainees of members of the Mathison Centre. These are great opportunities to be involved, gain new skills, and strengthen your CV. Send an email to if you are interested in being involved.