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Brain & Behaviour Research at the HBI

Understanding how the brain controls behaviour remains one the biggest fundamental challenges of neuroscience. How behaviours are controlled or modified, how thoughts are turned into actions and how memories are gained or lost will be understood by studying the synaptic circuitry of the brain. Neurological and mental health conditions that range from epilepsy to the mental health disorders of depression and anxiety also have their basis in structural and/or functional alterations in the circuitry of the brain. A key trigger for many brain disorders is stress. The functional circuitry of stress remains to be fully understood. Frequently affecting adolescents and young adults, understanding the basis of neurological and mental health conditions is the focus of Brain & Behaviour. One out of every three Canadians will be affected by a brain or mental health disorder in their life and early detection and treatment is often critical to a swift recovery.

Researchers in the Brain & Behaviour theme are applying collaborative approaches and cutting-edge technology to advance our understanding of the cellular communication in the brain and how it influences behaviour. This research is guiding new treatments for
existing conditions as well as developing important early-stage interventions to prevent the progression of disease, particularly in young people.

Brain & Behaviour NeuroTeams

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Stress is an important trigger for mental health disorders and strongly correlated with the development of many physical conditions. Understanding the neural basis of stress is the focus of the Stress NeuroTeam.

NeuroTeam Leaders:

Primary LeadDr. Jaideep Bains
Co-LeadDr. Stephanie Borgland

NeuroTeam Email:

Mental Health 

The Mental Health NeuroTeam is centred in The Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research & Education. Mental health research includes a multidisciplinary approach to the early identification, treatment and prevention of mental disorders including depression, psychosis, schizophrenia and other conditions.

NeuroTeam Leaders:

Primary LeadDr. Stephanie Borgland
Co-LeadDr. Andy Bulloch

NeuroTeam Email:


The Epilepsy NeuroTeam has strong links to the Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute, building on their strengths in epilepsy and seizure disorders to develop a translational continuum from childhood through to adulthood; from bench to bedside to population health studies.

NeuroTeam Leaders:

Primary LeadDr. Nathalie Jetté
Co-LeadDr. G. Campbell Teskey

NeuroTeam Email: