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Education Committee

The Education Committee ensures that the education program, which cuts across all research programs of the Institute, effectively trains the next generation of leaders in neuroscience. The Education Committee and its members seeks to enhance and further develop the educational opportunities available to trainees in laboratory and clinical research across the Institute. More broadly, the Education Committee works to enhance the level of brain science education and awareness within the community.

Education Committee members:

  • Dr. Cam Teskey (Chair)
  • Dr. Carol Schuurmans
  • Dr. Richard Wilson
  • Dr. Patrick Whelan
  • Dr. Michael Antle
  • Dr. Thomas Raedler
  • Dr. Richard Frayne
  • Dr. Steve Casha
  • Dr. Zelma Kiss
  • Dr. Sarah McFarlane
  • Heather Leduc-Pessah
  • William Trask
  • Lauren Drogos
  • Kelly Cook