N3 Faculty and Staff


Program Leader:

Dr. Adam Kirton

Dr. Kirton is a pediatric neurologist and clinician-­scientist based at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. He leads the Calgary Pediatric Stroke Program research team, which runs the university’s most established non-­invasive neurostimulation clinical research program, and is a member of ACHRI and the HBI.


Dr. Alexander McGirr

Dr. McGirr is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry. He uses brain imaging and optogenetic studies to understand cellular and network level changes to develop novel treatment strategies, as well as conduct clinical studies to investigate the therapeutic effects of non-invasive neurostimulation techniques in depressed patients.


Staff Scientists: 

Liu Shi Gan, PhD

Liu Shi manages the TMS labs in the PCAN lab and Foothills Medical Center, focusing on applications of TMS and tES in adult movement disorders. Research interests include neural stimulation and modulation techniques for rehabilitation and restoration of loss function due to neurological disorders.
Contact: lsgan [at]


James Wrightson, PhD

James manages the TMS labs at the Alberta Children's Hospital, focusing on applications of TMS and tES in pediatric neurological and mental health disorders. Research interests are in the development, refinement, and application of non-invasive brain stimulation paradigms to examine the neural correlates of motor control and function in health and disease
Contact: james.wrightson [at]

    N3 Partnerships

    The N3 research program builds upon existing strengths at the University of Calgary, centered in the Cumming School of Medicine and aligned with multiple key internal and external partners including: