Equipment and Facilities

One of the purposes of N3 is to enable the sharing of neurostimulation equipment among investigators in order to reduce costs and enhance collaboration. If you are an investigator interested in making some equpiment available through N3, please contact us at n3research [at] 


N3 manages several transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) devices, including: MxN 9-channel HD-tES, tDCS and HD-tDCS units.


N3 currently manages TMS labs at several locations:

    1. TRW - Mathison

      Stimulator: MagPro X100 (single and rapid-pulse enabled)

      Neuronavigation: ANT Visor2

      Lab Schedule

    2. Health Sciences

      Stimulators: MagStim Single, Paired and Rapid Pulse TMS devices

      Neuronavigation: Brainsight

    1. Special Services Building

      Stimulators: MagStim (single, paired and rapid) TMS devices

      Neuronavigation: Brainsight

    1. Pediatrics TMS Lab 1

      Stimulators: MagStim (single, paired and rapid) TMS devices

      Neuronavigation: Brainsight

    2. Pediatrics TMS Lab 2 

      Stimulators: Axilum TMS Robot

      Neuronavigation: Brainsight

      Lab Schedule (requires permission to view)


    N3 equipment and facilities are booked through the FACES system

    To gain access, users must have completed facility and equipment specific training sessions. Please contact n3research [at] for more information.