N3 Research

The purpose of N3 is to enable collaboration and facilitate neurostimulation research. We strive to do this though several avenues:

  • Maintaining expertise in neurostimulation and applications to clinical research and treatment
  • Providing training for researchers new to neurostimulation
  • Coordinating the sharing of neurostimulation equipment
  • Consulting with researchers about study design and best practices
  • Sharing neurostimulation knowledge through talks and courses

Neurostimulation is a tool that can be used for several purposes:

Investigation of neurological conditions and disorders, including:

  • exploring neurophysiological changes in disease states
  • as a potential treatment for some conditions such as depression

Probing human brain anatomy and connectivity, for example:

  • mapping the motor cortex using TMS and recording EMG responses
  • using paired-pulse TMS to explore how one cortical area modulates another

To learn more about how neurostimulation can be used in your research, contact us.

Click here for a list of active studies facilitated by N3. 

N3 Research