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Become a REALISE Mentor

Why become a REALISE Mentor?

Mentoring is a well-established tool to help individuals grow both professionally and personally. Mentors affect the lives of mentees by fostering new understandings, providing insights and coaching, sharing experiences and building networks. For REALISE students and scholars, the impact of mentors from outside of the academy is significant and tangible.

While the primary role of a mentor is to challenge and inspire their mentee, benefits for mentors extend beyond simple philanthropy. As a mentor you may: enhance your management and leadership skills, expand your professional network, help to develop and retain talent in our city, create a legacy of leadership and learn more about the important medical research being conducted at the University of Calgary.

Who are REALISE Mentors?

The REALISE Community Mentorship Program is fortunate to include a variety of accomplished professionals as mentors. REALISE Mentors represent a range of fields, from the corporate world through to government and not-for-profit agencies. This diversity allows our mentees to interact with a wide cross-section of the local community, experiencing a variety of opportunities and learning about the many different paths to success.


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