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Submitted by wcm on Mon, 06/25/2012 - 9:06am

Mental health problems in the workplace are a growing public health concern, costing Canadian companies $20 billion annually. Researchers know that women are twice as likely to suffer depression than men — but that does not mean men are immune to depression. A new Canada-wide research project, led by the University of Calgary, is the first to specifically target men in the workplace to address their attitudes towards e-health solutions for mental health.

An exciting new experimental treatment for depression is underway at Alberta Health Services’ Foothills Medical Centre.

Deep brain stimulation (DBS), in which surgically implanted electrodes deliver impulses to the brain, is being tested on people who have tried most other forms of treatment for depression without any relief.

On October 18, more than 400 HBI community supporters, researchers, trainees and staff gathered at Sunwest Aviation for Opening Minds, a gala celebration of the tenth anniversary of the HBI. Author and broadcaster Jay Ingram hosted the sold-out event, which also featured entertainment from trumpet virtuoso Jens Lindemann. The gala was presented, organized and funded by the friends and family of Harley Hotchkiss, with the support of the Calgary Health Trust.