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The HBI molecular core offers a broad range of services including molecular cloning, mutagenesis, in vitro transcription, custom lentivirus constuction, quantitative real time PCR as well as mouse genomics support. 

Pricing is dependent on the scope and complexity of your needs. 

Mouse Genomics

The core facility is equipped with state of the art DNA extraction methods, rapid and specific PCR amplifications and a Qiaxcel capillary electrophoresis system for rapid turnaround and high throughput sample handling.

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Quantitative Real Time PCR

All trainees of full HBI members can access the instrument free of charge as well as one on one consultation for experimental design and analysis. 

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Molecular Biology

The HBI molecular core is equipped with a full suite of state of the art equipment for performing a large range of molecular biology experiments. 

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Viral Vectors

The HBI molecular core offers fee for service custom AAV and lentivirus construction for a variety of applications ranging from transgene expression to shRNA knockdown to cre-recombinase-dependent constructs.

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