Dr Visser

The Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI) molecular core is a service laboratory facility that is equipped with a full suite of state of the art molecular biology equipment and reagents that are used to offer a broad range of advanced molecular biology services including molecular cloning, generation of custom constructs, genotyping, targeting vectors, cell culture, lentivirus production, real time PCR as well various protein analysis services. The consultation services offered by the core facility include the provision of molecular biology expertise to support the high level ideas of HBI researchers and assistance with implementation of molecular tools into their research programs. Educational and training services are now being offered through technical skills modules and in addition, the core offers one on one molecular biology support to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. These modules are part of the REALISE program, a novel training program for students and postdocs that offers modules in knowledge translation, career opportunities, professional skills as well as teaching and technical skills.

The HBI molecular biology core facility is under the management and direction of Dr. Frank Visser, a PhD scientist with over 12 years experience in both academic and industrial research settings. Dr. Visser interacts with HBI researchers with a strong emphasis on collaboration whether they are accessing the molecular core facility on a fee for service basis or for consultation and training.