Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the molecular core located?

Foothills campus, University of Calgary, .

Health Research and Innovation Center (HRIC) room 1B36

Phone: 403-220-8467

Can my student perform their molecular biology experiments in the core facility? What is the cost?

Yes, but this option is only available to full HBI members and includes access to the equipment, common reagents and enzymes as well as full consultation and assistance with experimental design, planning and data interpretation. 

There is no cost associated with this service, however students are expected to provide their own specialized kits and reagents to perform their experiments.

What if I am not a full or associate member of the HBI?

You can still access the HBI molecular core facility but only on a fee for service basis.

How much does it cost of have an experiment done?

Prices vary depending on the scope and difficulty of the project but in general, most cloning and custom constructs can be generated for $500-1000. A standard lentivirus preparation is $500 and qPCR assays cost $200 per 96-well plate. 

Contact fvisser@ucalgary.ca to discuss your specific needs.

How does billing work?

You will receive an invoice by email upon completion of the project or in the case of ongoing services such as genotyping, once every quarter.

How do I access the molecular core facility after hours?

There is a system in place for HBI students to have access to a key to the lab. 

Contact fvisser@ucalgary.ca for further details.

How do I recognize contributions from the HBI molecular core facility in my publications?

If your student accessed the molecular core or had fee for service work performed by the molecular core please include Dr. Frank Visser in your acknowledgements section. 

However, in some cases, the contributions by Dr. Visser are significant enough to warrant co-authorship at your discretion. 

In either case, it is important that you notify the molecular core of any publications from your laboratory that contain work performed here.