The HBI Molecular Core Facility is pleased to offer the following "Lunch and Learn" Lectures to Graduate Students, Postdocs, Staff and Faculty:

The following modules are offered each year:

Lecture 1 Introduction of Molecular Cloning

Lecture 2 Introduction to real time qPCR

Lecture 3 Introduction to RNA interference

Lecture 4 Introduction to Viral Vectors

Lecture 5 Introduction to CRISPR/Cas9

Registration for the above modules can be achieved through the REALISE program website.

Have an idea for a REALISE module that the molecular core can offer? 
Contact Frank Visser at

Training and consultation

The HBI molecular core offers free one on one training and consultation to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars working under the mentorship of full HBI members. 

Contact Frank Visser at for further details.