The HBI molecular core offers technical skills training modules through the REALISE Program.

The following modules are offered each year:

Introduction to real time PCR (Winter)

Description: A 1.5 day hands on introduction to design,  implementation and analysis of real time PCR assays. Students will isolate RNA from brain tissue and perform a real time PCR assay. Various aspects of real time PCR assays including basic concepts, primer design, use of online database tools, efficiency experiments, melting curve analysis and data analysis will be discussed. This course is intended for trainees with little to no prior experience performing real time PCR assays.

Objectives: To provide a practical hands on experience designing, performing and analyzing real time PCR experiments.

Registration for the above modules can be achieved through the REALISE program website.

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Training and consultation

The HBI molecular core offers free one on one training and consultation to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars working under the mentorship of full HBI members. 

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