Access and Usage

Access diagram

New PI or user emails CSM Optogenetics requesting access.
Attach pictures of your UCID card (front and back).

The principal investigator signs Service Agreement.

User schedules an orientation to the facility and training for a given resource.

User receives card access to the facility and login information to the FACES scheduling calendar after signing the Training Form.

User requests additional training for resources not covered in the orientation.

Book and use resources for which you are trained. The principal investigator is billed per usage up to a cap and charged every quarter according to the Service Agreement.

Please contact managers ( to get Service Agreement, orientation, training and access.


Please be courteous to other users and make sure you are on time.

To promote flexibility Users have the ability to book rooms, equipment or both. Remember when in the FACES scheduling system to book both.  

The Facility has a 24 hour cancellation policy for all equipment. Please be sure to cancel your booking in advance by emailing so that others may book.

If you have to move your booking, please send an email to the managers at and to the next user (if there is one) regarding the change.

In case of a user not showing up on time and beyond the 30 minutes grace period, a “No Show” fee will be sent via email with an invoice directly to the PI and the room/equipment will be released to other users.

Equipment Usage

It is the responsibility of users to bring their own personal safety equipment for their experiments.

It is the responsibility of users to clean the equipment and surrounding space at the end of experiments.

It is the responsibility of users to bring back signed out equipment. Replacement/Repair costs will be charged to the respective PI for lost or damage to signed out equipment.

In case of failures or damage to the equipment, please do not try to make repairs yourself. Shut down the equipment safely. Please leave a note, clearly stating the condition of the equipment and report the incident to the managers ( or in person, ASAP.

If you are not sure of any procedure for use of the equipment/software, please let the managers know and they will help resolve the problem.


The Core Facility will only provide the basic necessities and maintenance of the equipment.

Special supplies and consumables for the experiments like gases, blades or any other special requirements for experiments, etc. is the responsibility of users. 

Data Storage

The Core Facility and the managers are not responsible for users’ data and back up. It is the responsibility of users to back up data.

The data in the Core Facility computers will be deleted on a regular basis depending on the amount of stored data. The managers have the right to delete data left on the drives without notice.

Acknowledging CSM Opto Core Facility in publications

The primary investigator agrees that any scientific publications (in the form of posters, journal articles, presentations, etc.) that include research carried out within the Facility shall acknowledge the CSM Opto Core Facility and provide copies or information of all such publications to the Facility.

If the Facility staff time goes beyond basic training and support, please consider acknowledging the staff member(s) or include them as coauthors as appropriate.

Facility specialists can help with the details that should be included in the Methods section. Please contact the managers if you require assistance.

If a Facility Specialist in CSM Opto performs experiments for a PI, contributes intellectually to the project and contributes writing for the final draft of a manuscript (beyond methods details), then the Facility Specialist should be considered for authorship.