Trevor Low President


Trevor Low, MD/PhD Student 

As the HBITO President, Trevor oversees the committees and helps with organization and
planning of events. In addition, Trevor acts as a representative for the HBI Trainees to the HBI
Education Committee, Graduate Student Association, and the Council of Foothills DGAs and
can help voice any suggestions or concerns you may have during your graduate training to the
appropriate group.

Please feel free to contact at any time with questions about your experiences as an HBI



Dion Kelly PhD Student 

As the HBITO Vice President, Dion helps other committee members plan and execute HBITO events, and sits in place of and/or accompanies the President to council and committee meetings around campus. In addition, Dion's duties as treasurer place her in charge of all of the HBITO’s accounting and finances.

If you require a reimbursement or you have any ideas for events or outreach opportunities that may require HBITO funding please feel free to contact Dion. 

Brooke Belanger

Communications Director

Brooke Belanger, PhD Candidate 

As Communications Director, Brooke maintains and updates the HBITO website and social media while also helping to coordinate various media-related activities. Brooke is trying to rebrand the HBITO across multiple platforms and aims keep students informed of various events and activities through social media outlets, word-of-mouth, and other means of communication. 

Please contact Brooke if you have anything you would like posted on the website (e.g. news, accomplishments, photos & images, opportunities, special events, etc.), suggestions for website content, or general HBITO media inquiries.

Zach Bailey

Education Director

Zach Bailey, MSC Student 

As Education Director for the HBITO, Zach is in charge of the planning and organization of education
opportunities and events in line with the goals of current students in the Neuroscience
Graduate Program. Such events include organizing the Research In Progress Seminars, working with REALISE to create modules and hosting events for summer students. If there are any events you would like to see happen this year, feel free to reach out to Zach at any time with suggestions!

Pauline DeJesus Orientation Director

Orientation Director

Pauline Dejesus MSc Student 

As the Orientation director, Pauline is responsible for organizing orientation for incoming graduate students, and welcoming them into the HBI. Pauline also organizes a series of introductory modules designed to help prepare new students for the neuroscience courses. 

Please contact Pauline if you would like to participate in organizing our orientation events, contribute new ideas, or inquire about any orientation events.


Outreach Director

Sam Baglot MSc, PhD Student

As the Outreach director, Sam is responsible for organizing outreach events, and coordinating with the community. Some of these events include Beakerhead School Programs, volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, Think Big Speaker Series with the Calgary Public Library, Brain Bee, and Brain Awareness Week activities.

Please contact Sam if you would like to participate in outreach events, contribute new ideas, or inquire about any outreach activities.


Social Director

Perry Dykens MSC Student 

As the Social Director for the HBITO, Perry is in charge of the planning and organization of social opportunities and events in line with the goals of current students in the Neuroscience
Graduate Program. Such activities include coffee socials, BBQs, game nights, pub nights,
intramurals and trips to the nearby Rocky Mountains. If there are any events you would like to
see happen this year, feel free to reach out to Perry at any time with suggestions!