Prevalence, pattern of use and patients' perception

 of cannabis use in Parkinson's disease 

Investigators: Veronica Bruno, Davide Martino, Pamela Roach, Kimberly Williams, Leah Mayo

This study aims to be the first one to decode the prevalence and the current pattern of use of cannabis by PwPD in Canada. Obtaining real-world data about the use of cannabis amongst PwPD will be instrumental to understanding tolerance, risks and potential benefits and potentially guide future decisions regarding potential interventional trials. This is an imperative research topic from both a scientific and a patient-centred perspective. Moreover, this is the first study to our knowledge that will explore the perceptions of PwPD about cannabis use.

This study is divided into two specific objectives:

  1. To understand the prevalence and pattern of cannabis use in PD, including indication, formulation, posology, recommendation source, patient reported outcomes (PROs), side effects, and costs among PwPD and understand the role of age, sex, gender, PD clinical characteristics, socioeconomic variables and cultural backgrounds on the use of cannabis among PwPD.
  2. To explore patients' perceptions around cannabis use in PD, including people's perceptions about stigma, patient-physician relationships and other social consequences related to the use of cannabis in PwPD.