Stephanie Plamondon

Clinical Associate Professor

Clinical Neurosciences

Full Member

Hotchkiss Brain Institute

M.D. (Doctor of Medicine)

FRCPC - PMR training program

McMaster University, 2000

LMCC part 1 and part 2

1996, 1997

CSCN (EMG) certification


Contact information

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Administrative Assistant: 
Janine Hopkins
Ph: 403.956.2459

Research and teaching

Research areas

  • neuromuscular
  • neurorehab
  • QI
  • medical education
  • Music therapy in healthcare

Research activities

As a resident I published papers in the area of rheumatology/neuromuscular disease in rheumatological journals. As a member of DCNS since 2002, I initially focused on clinical care in TBI, subsequently neuromuscular rehabilitation and residency education program development (as program director) and faculty development as we began our training program in PMR in Calgary only in 2003. I have been a clinical and rotation supervisor, medical student lecturer, small group and clinical skills preceptor over the years. I developed an interest in patient safety and QI and sought and received Certificate training from W21C in Patient Safety and Quality management (2017) as well as simulation scenario development and debriefing to assist in training residents of our program in Patient Safety/QI as no one else in our division has training. Since receiving this training our rehab unit has begun to use simulation for emergency and common rehabilitation scenerios. 

In terms of scientific contributions I have presented /authored 5 posters in the last 2 years in the areas of simulation in rehab, QI, neuromuscular disease and music in neurorehabilitaiton and led 2 workshops at our Annual Scientific CAPMR meeting in the Yukon on Simulation in Rehab and Roundtable Reflection on Cases.  I am currently a co-PI for a mixed methods study underway on the Effects of Music therapy on pain, mood, patient and caregiver satisfaction in the inpatient neurological population. I am also a collaborator on a feasibility and acceptability study of music intervention and therapy in the ICU with Dr. Chris Grant and collaborator on a neuromuscular disease and respiratory muscle training study with Dr. Gerald Pfeffer and phD student and SLP Robyn Wells. 




  • John Latter Residency Education Teaching Award
  • Muscular Dystrophy Canada Provincial 2017-2018 recipient of Excellence in Healthcare Delivery
  • 1st Overall Poster presentation at Canadian Association of PMR Annual Scientific Meeting, Gatineau, Quebec 2019, and 1st in Quality improvement category