Manuel Hulliger

Emeritus Professor

Clinical Neurosciences

Physiology & Pharmacology

Emeritus Member

Hotchkiss Brain Institute

Contact information


Office : HMRB106


  • Course coordinator, Neuroscience 421 (3rd year BSc Neuroscience program)
  • Neuroscience 421: lectures on a broad range of topics, covering each topic’s history from the beginnings to the modern status quo

Research and teaching

Research activities

  1. The physiology and function of somatosensory systems in the control of movement
  2. Neuromotor rehabilitation in a motor syndrome induced by sensory loss.

The role of proprioceptive feedback in motor control and its CNS regulation by fusimotor efferent is studied:

  • In mathematical modeling studies
  • In morphometric investigations

Data from an animal model of chronic large-fibre deafferentation and peripheral sensory neuropathy are used to investigate the severe motor dysfunction that results from experimentally induced sensory loss and to explore the scope of neuromotor rehabilitation based on new methods of motor retraining.
The methods used include:

  • Chronic and acute electrophysiology
  • Kinematic and behavioural analysis of motor patterns
  • Histology and morphometry of sensory neurons
  • Labelling and morphometric analysis of functionally identified single neurones