Majid Mohajerani

Associate Professor

University of Lethbridge

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Hotchkiss Brain Institute

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Office: Dep of Neuroscience,
Univ of Lethbridge
4401 University Dr W,
EP1146 Lethbridge

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My group concentrates on neural dynamics with particular emphasis on sensorimotor integration and memory systems. We combine optical imaging (e.g., two-photon imaging), optogenetics, electrophysiology and behavioural methods and computational tools in order to understand how different brain areas communicate with one another and how (a) memory is encoded and consolidated or (b) motor movement are generated based on sensory inputs. We also have an interest in structure-function relationships in the brain. To this end, we are developing new mapping procedures using newly developed optogenetics techniques combined with structural and functional imaging.


Campus Alberta Innovative Program Chair in Brain Health and Dementia.




Heart and Stroke Young Investigator Award