Claudia Gomes da Rocha

Assistant Professor

Physics and Astronomy (PHAS)

Full member

Hotchkiss Brain Institute

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), MSc

Contact information


Office : SB537

Research and teaching

Research areas

  • Neuromorphic systems and brain-inspired technologies
  • Materials science
  • Complex systems

Research activities

My research interests target the study of new material concepts and building blocks for the development of cutting-edge brain-inspired devices, also referred as neuromorphic systems. I investigate how cognitive features (similar to neuron-firing) emerge from nanoscale materials in which their electric conductivity is not static but changes with the amount of current/voltage set in their terminals. One of the biggest challenges in neural-inspired technologies is to find suitable building blocks that can emulate brain synapses in the synthetic realm. By means of computational simulations, my group aims to model the neuromorphic characteristics of self-assembled networks of nanoscale cognitive materials seen as promising candidates for non-conventional computer architectures. This program is truly interdisciplinary in its scope, connecting numerous fields, e.g. materials science, nanotechnology, computer science, and neuroscience.


NSERC-DG (2020)

Irish Research Council Laureate (2018) 

Alexander von Humboldt Fellow (2009)