Clare Gallagher

Assistant Professor

Clinical Neurosciences

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Hotchkiss Brain Institute

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The treatment of traumatic brain injury has changed little over the past 25 years and consequently outcome has not improved. Our understanding of the basic mechanisms of injury progression are still at an early stage, and without advancement in these areas patient outcome will not be improved. My research focuses on cerebral metabolism after injury. Using techniques of multimodality monitoring including microdialysis and determination of cerebral autoregulation I hope to more fully understand the changes, which lead to progression of injury. Ultimately the development of therapies to halt or reverse this progressive injury to the brain is the goal. By using metabolic substrates that are delivered to the brain via microdialysis catheters and recovering metabolites, which have been labeled, the glycolytic pathway and ultimately both TCA cycle and mitochondrial function can be monitored. Combining this information with other brain monitoring currently in use in the ICU setting, a more complete picture of each brain injury can be compiled. This information obtained from individual patients can be used to make a unique treatment protocol for each patient.