Tanya Mudry

Assistant Professor

Werklund School of Education

Full Member

Hotchkiss Brain Institute

PhD (Counselling Psychology)

University of Calgary

MSc (Counselling Psychology)

University of Calgary

MSc (Health Promotion Studies)

University of Alberta

BA (Psychology)

University of Alberta

Contact information


Office: 403.210.6995


Office : EDT628

Research and teaching

Research areas

  • Addiction and addictive behaviours
  • Family and systems focused research
  • Mental health and well-being
  • Social practice
  • Counselling processes
  • Relational recovery of critical care survivors and their caregivers
  • Critical care clinician’s burnout and recovery

Research activities

Dr. Mudry’s research has focused on four main streams of inquiry: 1) Examining and intervening in practices associated with addiction and recovery from excessive behaviours (Internet use, gambling, eating, substances), 2) Supporting physical, emotional, and social recovery of critical care survivors and their caregivers, 3) Investigating burnout and recovery practices among critical care clinicians, and 4) Examining counselling processes. Within these areas, she focuses on the systems, practices, contexts, and relationships that promote recovery and preferred mental wellbeing


Dr. Tanya Mudry is a registered psychologist and assistant professor of counselling psychology in the University of Calgary's Werklund School of Education. She supervises and trains counselling psychology students, practices family therapy at the Calgary Family Therapy Centre, and has a small private practice. She has specialized clinical training in child and adolescent mental health and family therapy. Tanya’s research and writing have focused on family therapy, excessive behaviours, addiction and recovery, and relational recovery of critical care survivors and their families. 





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