Stephanie Knaak

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Hotchkiss Brain Institute

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Research activities

My research interests centre on workplace mental health, mental illness and substance use-related stigma, the framing of public health messages, illnesses and experiences, and program implementation and evaluation. Major recent projects include: 

  • outcomes-based evaluation-based research and meta-analytic research to help identify effective approaches and interventions for reducing mental illness and substance-use related stigma in various work environments and population groups (youth, workplaces, healthcare environments, first responders, postsecondary students); 
  • Development of program implementation models for healthcare and first response environments; 
  • a validation study of key ingredients for effective anti-stigma programming in healthcare environments; 
  • scale development and validation research for the OMS-HC and OM-PATOS stigma scales; 
  • development of a theoretical framework for understanding and addressing stigmatization related to the overdose crisis, particularly as it relates to direct service delivery; 
  • qualitative research on perceptions and experiences of structural stigma in healthcare environments among people with lived and living experience of mental health and substance use problems; and  
  • development of a ‘framework for action’ for combatting mental illness and substance use-related structural stigma in healthcare environments.