Harry Peery

Visiting Professor

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Associate Member

Hotchkiss Brain Institute

PhD - Neuropharmacology

University of Saskatchewan

MS - Microbiology, Immunology

The Ohio State University

BS - Biology (Microbiology)

Syracuse University

AAS (Nursing)


Contact information

Research and teaching

Research activities

Teaching professor. Taught anatomy and assisted in teaching pathology at Cumming School of Medicine, 2015-2017 (3 years), working on imaging small tumors under a cell mass of one  million cell – our limit with the MRI -  using glioblastoma and neuroblastoma cell lines in Karl Riabowol’s laboratory; founded (with four others) The Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Foundation, Inc. (Ottawa) and serve as its Director of Basic Science Research; teach pathophysiology and cell and molecular biology on line in the master’s program of pharmaceutical bioengineering at the University of Washington; write textbooks, current one is Basic Medical Endrocrinology 5th ed. (Elsevier, 2022) which has a large neurology component – I am the corresponding author and editor; currently writing integrated text for medical students (Elsevier)


Associate Member of the Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Research Institute