Emily Wang

Adjunct Lecturer


Associate Member

Hotchkiss Brain Institute


California School of Professional Psychology

Contact information


Office: 403;542.0395

Preferred method of communication

Administrative Assistant:
Barb Stoner    
Email: bstoner@hullservices.ca    
Phone: 403.251.8010

Research and teaching

Research activities

As a Senior Director of Clinical Advancement and Trauma Informed Services at Hull Services, an agency working with complex trauma and mental health issues, my role involves education/training, advocacy, and continuous improvement and outcomes of our models of treatment and service delivery.  Working with Mathison Centre in the ongoing mental health research projects is instrumental to our progress in the area of mental health treatment and service delivery.  

Currently involved in research projects regarding Child Maltreatment, Unified Protocol, and Skateboarding as an intervention with Mathison Centre and O’Brien Institute for Public Health. 


  • ChildTrauma Academy Fellow
  • Hull Board of Governor Scholarship
  • Bruce D. Perry Spirit of the Child Award from University of California Davis, CPE, Parent Infant and Child Institute