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HBI Research Day

13th Annual HBI Research Day

May 19, 2017 | Full-day program begins at 8:55 am
Theatre 4, HSC

Featuring keynote speaker:

Lorna Role, PhD

SUNY Distinguished Professor and Chair
Department of Neurobiology & Behavior
Co-Director, Neuroscience Institute
College of Arts and Science, School of Medicine
Stony Brook University, New York

Lunch and refreshments will be provided

HBI faculty and trainees will also present

All graduate students and fellows in HBI member labs are encouraged to participate in the poster session. To register a poster, click here.

To download the Research Day program, click here


8:55   Welcome and Introduction - Stephanie Borgland, PhD, Research Day Committee Chair

Session #1: Motor Control
Chair - Dr. Sean Dukelow

9:00   Tyler Cluff, PhD
9:30   Dr. Davide Martino
10:00 Richelle Mychasiuck, PhD

10:30 Coffee Break - HRIC Atrium

Session #2: Novel Cellular Imaging
Chair - Tuan Trang, PhD

10:45  Jonathan Epp, PhD
11:15  Grant Gordon, PhD

11:45 Lunch - HRIC Atrium

12:15 Poster Session - HRIC Atrium

Session #3: Trainees of the Year
Chair - Cam Teskey, PhD

1:15  Lauren Drogos, PhD - Postdoctoral researcher of the year
1:45  Kahlil Rawji, MSc - PhD graduate student researcher of the year

Session #4: NeuroTeam Trainee Talks
Chair - Sarah McFarlane, PhD

2:15  Melody Grohs, BSc, Mental Health NeuroTeam
2:30  Jordan Farrell, BSc, Epilepsy NeuroTeam
2:45  Vicki Plourde, PhD, Traumatic Brain Injury NeuroTeam

3:00 Coffee Break - HRIC Atrium

Session #5 Keynote Lecture - Lorna Role, PhD

3:20 Introduction of Speaker: Stephanie Borgland, PhD
3:30 Manipulating cholinergic circuits and modulating emotionally salient memories, Lorna Role, PhD

4:30 Closing Remarks: Keith Sharkey, PhD, Deputy Director, HBI

Reception to follow - HRIC Atrium